Lys Over Lolland 2021 “Flow of light”

We are very proud to present for the 20th year in a row a wide program for art and culture interested people. This year we are visited by a wide range of the artists who during the past years have exhibited during Lys over Lolland because of the celebration of our 20-years jubilee celebration. Experience 10 fantastic days with art exhibitions and unique events.

In the shut down, raw and beautiful Saxkjøbing Sugar Factory you can explore the exciting international art exhibition on 3 floors, where 40 artists have created art for the 20 year jubilee exhibition of Lys over Lolland.

Artists from Denmark, Faroes, England, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany and Sct. Petersborg capture the factory with paintings, fotos, sculptures, installation, light art, design and jewelry art. See the list of artists here.

Special tribute
Ingvar Cronhammar has created a jubilee artwork “Blodstille” for Lys over Lolland. It is one of his last artwork, we pay tribute to the great artist.

New room for events
The beautiful old “pakkeri” at the factory has been transformed into a concert hall, a cinema etc. for events, which only can be experienced during Lys over Lolland.

Focus on the places of beginning
Lys over Lolland also presents magnificent special events in Nakskov Harbor and the Reventlow Park with light art, dancing and concerts – we focus on the two places, which were the frames of the beginning of Lys over Lolland.

For children & teenagers
Children and teenagers can participate in a lot of funny and creative activities outside and inside and get wonderful experiences in the factory area.

In the factory in our Café LYSFALD you can enjoy delicious lunch dishes, dinner menus based on local products and coffee, cake and beverages.

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translated by Mette Lybæk Henriksen